February 15, 2018



Good morning all, I hope you spent a wonderful Valentine’s Day yesterday.


I couldn’t think of a better blog post to share with you today! You know I work as a London Wedding Photographer and last week I had the great pleasure of photographing Massi and Felicia’s romantic surprise proposal in London!!!


But let me tell you more about this gorgeous couple and how all of this happened. A few weeks ago Massi sent me an email saying that he was planning to propose to his beautiful Felicia and he wanted to capture this special moment with a photographer and a videographer.


As a romantic wedding photographer, I absolutely adore photographing surprise proposals and I shared with Massi all my ideas, locations in London based on their style and preference, ideal outfits and timings: at sunrise of course, when no one else is around!!


I then approached the lovely Felicia on Instagram, if you don’t know her and her blog, go check her out! Felicia is regularly approached by fashion photographers asking to do shoots for her blog, and when I contacted her saying that I was looking for a couple to model for me for a very luxe and romantic Valentine’s day photoshoot on an early Saturday morning in London, she initially said no thinking that Massi wouldn’t be keen at all!


Funnily enough I was speaking to Massi at the same time and he kept telling me: ask her again, ask her again, she didn’t tell me anything yet :)


Let’s be honest, in any normal situation she would be 100% right! You can rarely find guys who are up for a couple photoshoot at sunrise on a winter day in London!! I tried to convince her and after a few messages, she said her Massi was super excited and totally on board to take some photographs together :) Of course he was!!!


Step 1 completed, the couple was ready to go.


Step 2: Location

We decided to start our romantic couple photoshoot at St Paul’s Cathedral, one of my favourite areas in London for romantic and chic portraits.


Step 3: The Team

I reached out to the lovely Jane Louise Films to be my partner in crime as a videographer, and to my friend and uber talented stylist and planner Anna from Snowdrops Weddings and Events for a bespoke bridal bouquet to match Felicia’s stunning dress. I absolutely loved it, such a pleasure to photograph.


On the day

Despite the rain drizzling from a grey sky and the heavy wind typical of a winter day in London, Massi was incredibly cool and calm and looked dapper in a full tux.  I’ve been following Felicia’s blog for a while and she looked even more stunning in real life wearing a beautiful silk dress. Poor girl, she was absolutely freezing considering there were like three degrees that morning. I felt bad wearing a winter coat, scarf and a hat :)


Everyone was excited and ready to go, despite the early hour, and we were ready for our Valentine’s Day couple photoshoot. I met up a bit earlier with the lovely Jane Louise to discuss the final details, and despite the fact that we literally just met for the first time, we got on like a house on fire.


Then Massi and Felicia arrived and we were ready to start. Felicia and Massi posed, danced, laughed and chatted, it was so easy working with them, they were so comfortable in front of my lens even though they never had a couple shoot before. I’m absolutely thrilled to share with you their images.


After a few shots at St Paul’s, we walked to the Millennium bridge where we all knew it was THE proposal spot :) I took Felicia on a side to take some portraits of her by herself so that Jane had a chance to surreptitiously mic up Massi ready for the big moment.


Massi, in the name of Valentine’s Day, surprised Felicia with a speech. It was incredibly sweet, he’s Italian after all :) and, well you’ll have to watch the beautiful video from Jane Louise to find out what happened. Of course, she said YES!!!


I absolutely love working as a London wedding photographer so feel free to get in touch if you need a wedding photographer for a luxury London wedding or even if you’re looking for a London event photographer, I would be overjoyed to hear from you. Do get in touch if you’d like to find out more about my services or check my availability for your date.


Of course, I don’t just work in London and the UK, I’m a destination wedding photographer too. I photograph weddings, engagements and elopements in Italy Greece and right around the world – please contact me if I can help you in any way.


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Wishing you all a lovely week.


With love,

Roberta xx



Felicia Massi Proposal HD from Jane Beeley on Vimeo.

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