February 17, 2016



If you love romantic, fine art wedding photography and images that are full of natural light then you’re going to adore this new series of blog features. Full of advice and inspiration, these posts are unmissable – essential reading for anyone planning a destination wedding or wedding in London. So, let’s start right at the beginning of the day and talk through all the things you need for perfect wedding preparation photography.


Whether I’m working as a London Wedding Photographer or overseas as a wedding photographer in Italy, capturing those moments before the ceremony when the bride and groom are getting ready is something that’s really important. Fine art wedding photography that records all of the emotions of the moment from excitement and anticipation to nervousness and joy can give you images that you’ll treasure forever.


So, what how can you ensure that you get those romantic, pretty shots at the start of your wedding day?


1. Firstly, when you’re planning your wedding or choosing your venue, do take a look at the room or suite where you’ll be getting ready. A bright room with light walls and a lack of clutter without too much heavy decoration is definitely best for delicate, natural light photography. Additionally, and to keep a common thread running right through all your wedding photographs, it’s brilliant to have the same colour palette throughout the day if at all possible.


2. On the day itself, do try to keep the room, or an area of it at least, tidy. Beautiful, editorial-style shots don’t need bags, boxes or general debris in the background. Having a clean, serene space can not only keep you calm, it’s also great for those detail shots that really tell the story of your wedding day including your bouquet, jewellery, rings and stationery for example.


This glorious Italian wedding inspiration shoot that I worked on last year in the Le Marche region of Italy is full of fine art wedding photography and as you can see from the images, the area where we took the bridal preparation shots is light and clear so all the focus is on the bride. Similarly, this destination wedding in Santorini also includes the same style of gorgeous natural shots – I love working as a wedding photographer in Greece!


3. Also, do consider the amount of space that’s in the room where either the bride or groom will be getting ready. On the morning of a wedding, there can be a lot of people in a room including bridesmaids, groomsmen, parents and suppliers so space is definitely an important consideration. It’s hard to enjoy getting ready when everyone is crushed together!


4. Finally, remember to be a little bit practical when you’re planning your wedding. Hairdressers and make-up artists might need a lot of plugs, you and your bridesmaids will need high rails in wordrobes so you can hang long dresses without the bottoms getting creased and if you’ve got a private space outside for some photos with your parents or bridesmaids before the ceremony, that’s even better!


I hope this little look at everything that’s needed for your perfect wedding preparation photography has been helpful.


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