March 17, 2016


Hello again and it’s great to be back with you after a little break and I hope you’re enjoying the spring-like weather.  I also hope you’re looking forward to reading today’s feature, the next in my Advice for the Romantic Bride series.


Whether I’m working as an Italian wedding photographerwedding photographer in London or as a destination wedding photographer in Greece, I love taking beautiful, fine art portraits of my couples so today, we are looking at the wedding portraits


In previous features, I’ve talked about bridal preparations, wedding ceremony photography and formal & candid group photography. The next portion of the day, the photographs I take of you as a couple, is really important.


This is where you’re really able to show me who you are and I want to capture your individuality in every shot.


When I’m working as a wedding photographer in the UK or overseas, I always build time into my plan for couples photography. This is the perfect time for you to get away from all of your family; all of your guests and all of the demands of the day to just enjoy your first moments as a married couple. I can’t explain to you how much it means to me to be able to capture these intimate moments and record all of the excitement and emotions of my couples.


I’ve talked before about my love of natural light and this is integral to my photographic style. Natural light is super romantic and also super soft so it helps create the most gorgeous fine art wedding photography. The very best time of day for delightful, almost magical photography is the portion of the day that’s known as ‘golden hour’.


This precious fragment of time is usually 30-40 minutes before sunset (don’t worry, I’ll know when this is!) and it’s great to escape to take lots of natural, spontaneous images. We’ll only need 20-45 minutes together, depending on the timeline of your wedding, and in that time, we’ll take lots of fabulous images in an unhurried way.


I want to reassure you right now that this is not a section of the day to fear, it’s one to adore! There’s really no need to worry about feeling awkward in front of the camera or wondering how to pose for the perfect shot (take a look at this feature for a little more advice). I don’t believe in forcing you into odd poses because it’s so important that these images are authentic and unique. This is your time as a couple and I can promise you that after a few moments, you’ll hardly notice I’m there.


In my experience as a wedding photographer, it’s often the wedding portraits that are the most cherished and the most used. Couples print and frame their favourites to display around their home and regularly choose a suitable image to use on thank you cards (more on this on your way very soon).


To make sure that your wedding portraits give you everything you want and more, I take a number of photographs in a romantic and elegant photographic style with additional images in a more editorial look (you can see a selection of my favourite below). This means that you receive a mix of photographs, each of which will capture who you really are, in a moment that you’ll never forget.


I hope that this look at the beauty of wedding portraits will make sure that you look forward to your time alone with your photographer on your wedding day. If anything has the ability to instantly bring back all of the emotions and memories of your wedding day in a heartbeat, it’s a look at your wedding day portraits.


If you need a fine art wedding photographer in London or if you’re planning a destination wedding in Italy (or indeed a destination wedding in Greece or even further afield!) and you’d like to find out more about my wedding photography then please do get in touch


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See you all next week.



Roberta xx


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