March 24, 2016


So, just in time for the long Easter weekend, here’s the last instalment in my Advice for the Romantic Bride series.


In previous features, we’ve talked about bridal preparationswedding ceremony photography, formal & candid group photography and lastly the romantic wedding portraits


This feature is looking at possibly one of the most overlooked elements of wedding photography and that’s what to do with your photographs after your wedding. This is the final step in the process and there are so many ways you can share your beautiful images with friends and family to make sure your memories last a lifetime.


1. Your Album

An impeccably designed and made wedding album is a very special thing. It’s something wonderfully tangible to show to friends and family and it’s so much more impactful than passing round your phone or laptop. You album can also become a treasured heirloom, something you’ll share with your nearest and dearest for decades to come.

As a fine art wedding photographer, I use the internationally renowned Queensberry albums for my clients and often recommend 10×10 or 12×12 albums so that you can really see the best in your UK or destination wedding photography. You’ve also got a range of options for cover materials and colours and lots of my couples bring their wedding day colour palette to their albums.

The process of designing and album is actually very easy and together, we’ll select photos that really tell the story of your wedding day and I’ll create a draft album at this point. Once you’ve approved the layout and image selection, your wedding photography album will be printed and your memories preserved forever.

Pictures of my albums will come soon.. 


2. Fine Art Prints

Fine art wedding photography prints are often a really cost effective way of bringing your wedding photographs to life.

Whether you had a London wedding or a destination wedding in Italy or Greece, you bring your wedding memories to life when you print your photographs. My fine art prints are incredibly flexible and they come in a whole range of sizes and prints can even be personalised.

I have to say that I love my print boxes and these are the perfect place to store your images – I’m often told by clients that whenever they want to bring their wedding back to life, they only have to open their print box!


3. Personalised Thank You Cards

There’s something so well-mannered and timeless about sending thank you cards and those that are personalised with your favourite wedding photo are even more meaningful.

I can help you design your very own card that can then be printed to send in the post or there’s always the option of an electronic version if you’d prefer to use email. Many of my destination wedding photography clients love to send a printed card to friends or family that weren’t able to attend their ceremony and I do think that’s a lovely gesture.


4. Gifts For Parents

In so many cases, parents were an integral part of the wedding planning process and, even if they weren’t, I’m sure they loved being part of the day itself.

So, just as it’s fabulous for you to have you album or print box to peek at whenever you need reminding of just how amazing your day was, your parents would also love the same I’m sure.

I can design a smaller album (usually 6×6 or 8×8) just for them. These albums make a great Christmas or birthday gift or even as a thoughtful present for Mother’s or Father’s Days.

Alternatively, my fine art wedding photography prints and print boxes also make excellent gifts for parents.


5. Frames For Your Home

As a romantic wedding photographer, my one aim is to give you images that you absolutely adore.

So, if you have photographs that you love, why hide them away or worse, never print them or look at them in any size larger than your computer screen?

It’s fantastic when my couples ask for larger framed prints because I really feel that fine art images make the most wonderful art for your home.

If you’ve got a space in mind, we can select a suitable image and scale your frame appropriately or, why not use lots of smaller frames to share lots of memories? You could even order some extra prints and rotate the images on a regular basis so your wedding day is always kept fresh in your memory.


I do so hope that you’ve enjoyed my Advice for the Romantic Bride series and that you’ve taken away one or two ideas for your wedding photography.


I believe with my whole heart that wedding photography is such a special and emotional art form so thank you for joining me.


I’m heading to Tuscany now but I’ll be back in a few weeks and you can be sure that I’ll have lots of beautiful and romantic images to share with you then. If you love the very thought of an Italian wedding, don’t forget my Facebook group for couples marrying in Italy.


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Happy Easter Weekend.



Roberta xx

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