July 22, 2015


couple cuddling in a romantic and sweet way during their engagement session in holland park in london


Hello and let me just say that I absolutely adore this romantic London engagement shoot I’m going to share with you today. There are so many reasons why I’m head over heels in love with this couple and it’s mostly because they’re so beautifully in love themselves!


I know I’ve mentioned it before but engagement shoots are just fantastic. Not only do they give you an opportunity to get used to being in front of the camera before your big day, but I get to find out so much about you and your story that come your wedding day, I feel more like a friend than a wedding photographer. Anyway, whilst I’m on the subject of love stories, this couple has a bestseller…


Thea and Krushi met at Gate 56 of Kuala Lumpur Airport as they were waiting to board a flight to Singapore. He sat next to her, they chatted and laughed whilst waiting for the plane and then their days of single travelling come to an end. I’ll hand you over to Thea so she can tell you her story…



“I landed in Singapore armed with the address of my hostel and the name of the tub station. The arrivals lounge started to clear and as I waited for my bag whilst simultaneously looking for the exit, I spotted him walking towards me. After some chatter and in the absence of a tube station sign, we decided to hop in a taxi together as our hostels are only streets apart.”

 “Having forgotten to change his Sterling into Dollars (a likely story, I assume I have a freeloader on my hands), he started to throw British coins at me and promised to meet me in an hour to pay for his share of the taxi ride and perhaps do lunch. As two newbies in a city together, we did go for lunch, dinner, drinks, a trip to the zoo, and then we spent two months together traveling through South East Asia.”

 “After two months I return back home to the UK and we decided to meet up 6 months later and we both got jobs in Madagascar for 3 months or so. A year later on the anniversary of the day we met, we viewed would become our first home. We have been together for nearly 4 years and our love is a peaceful kind of love filled with laughter and mischief!“

 “Our proposal was really intimate. We recently bought our first house together and I decided to make the most of the quiet week and turned up makeup free, in sweatpants and a gilet, ready to slide my un-manicured hands into rubber gloves and start scrubbing the house clean! He turned up wearing his suit and was acting very strange indeed! He was being super emotional and I thought ‘err, wow! He really is so emotional about this new house!’ He was saying the sweetest things to me and I was just not expecting a proposal so I was slightly killing the mood by saying ‘I love you very much too BUT we need to get this place cleaned! Get changed! Come clean the bathroom with me!’ If only I had known! “

 “When I went back down stairs he was there playing our song, we had a little dance around our new empty living before he got down on his knee and through tears from both of us asked me to marry him (with my dream ring!). I was so shocked! All I could think was ‘oh no I’m in a gilet!!’”  



It was an absolute joy for me to photograph Thea and Krushi in the delightful setting of London’s Holland Park. This is definitely one of my favourite London parks. You will love the serene atmosphere of the Kyoto Gardens, as well as the warm welcoming from its squirrels and  peacocks! I thoroughly enjoyed every minute I spent with this gorgeous couple during their engagement session!


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