February 19, 2015


Looking back at my pictures from Bali, it seems yesterday that I was in the Island of God, curiously wandering around the streets of Ubud, practising yoga at the Yoga Barn, eating vegan food and breathing that incense that accompanies every corner of Ubud.
I still feel the excitement after I left the office on that cold and typical rainy afternoon in London knowing that, instead of catching the usual train back to the city, I was going to the airport to catch my flight to Seoul and then to Denpasar. Oh I wish I could be boarding that flight again right in this second!!
As soon as I arrived at the airport I couldn’t stop smiling, I was thrilled and excited, this was going to be my first solo travel experience! 10 days by myself in one of the most fascinating countries in my bucket list: BALI.


The plan was simple: immerse myself in photography, spoil myself daily (actually even more than once a day!) and let my ‘BALI Dream Board’ come true.


Before embarking in each of my trips, I spend weeks reading travel blogs, Lonely Planet guides & forums before finalising my MUST SEE, MUST DO and MUST EAT list, in order to get to know the culture as much as I can, even if it’s just for a short period of time.


This time my BALI Dream Board encompassed all kinds of things & activities! Have a sneak peek on how to spend a romantic holiday in Bali here.


After all, that’s the best part of travelling by yourself. You can do whatever your heart desires. Stay hours in just one place or do the opposite, see a million of things in just a couple of days, trying to optimise the time you have to spend in a country (which by the way it’s exactly what I did)!




And, unbelievably, that’s the only place where my alarm clock was set very early in the morning (7am or so) and I still managed to wake up at impossibly crazy times, such as 5am or 6am. Always happy, not tired at all and especially ready to explore the island with a 10 kg backpack full of lenses, two cameras, a tripod, water, towels (it was boiling hot) and my inevitable Moleskine. Go figure..


My plan, meticulously organised, was the following:


1)    Spoil myself daily!!! –> The secret? Starting the day with Mango or Papaya juice for breakfast;

2)    Stay with a Balinese family near the rice paddies –> Nirwa’s Guesthouse

3)    Mingle with the locals and learn about their culture and traditions;

4)    Stay in a luxury resort with an infinity pool (oh yeah!) –> Puri Wulandari Boutique Resort & Spa

5)    Try all kinds of massages;

6)    Enjoy life, be curious and get inspired;

7)    Practise Yoga  –> Yoga Barn 

8)   Relax and read some books  –> Eat, Pray, Love by Elisabeth Gilbert

9)   Stay in a place by the beach and fall asleep with the sound of the waves –> Rock ‘n Reef

10)  Eat all kinds of Balinese food –> Lobong Cooking Class

11)  Visit the temples –> Tirta Empul, Tanah Lot, Uluwatu Temple & more.

12) Wonder around the rice paddies;

13)  Visit a Balinese school;

14)  Attend Balinese traditional ceremonies;

15) Visit a Balinese healer;

16)  AND, above all, do a photography reportage of the country and of the Balinese people, trying to capture their culture, their colours and the positivity, balance & happiness that distinguish them from many other countries in the world.


Below you can find my photography reportage of BALI. If you would like to read my tips on how to spend a romantic holiday in Bali & the Gili Islands, then follow this other post.


For the curious travellers, this was my itinerary:


11th October – Flight from London – to Seoul – to Denpasar with Malaysian Airlines. [The best airline I had the pleasure to fly with. Exceptional customer service and a wide selection of food with three options menu and tons of movies. Above all, they made me fall in love with the afternoon snacks: slice of pizza and ice-cream, c’mon! I’m Italian, I couldn’t ask for more…]

12th October – Late arrival in Denpasar (1am), I went straight to Ubud with a taxi from Nirwa’s Guesthouse (cheaper option), exactly in the middle of the rice fields [Top tip: Rooms 1 or 2 on the top floor have the best view].

DAY 1 – Met up with Mowgli, my Balinese guide. We went with his scooter to his house to pick up a sarong and then we drove to a village near Ubud to attend a traditional ceremony (one of the highlights of my trip). Then we went with his scooter through the rice paddies up to Sari Organik for a healthy lunch in a peaceful surrounding. Finally we visited a healer, I had my first 4 hands massage and then dinner at Murni’s Warung.

DAY 2 – Time for the Lobong Cooking Class (fantastic!). They picked me up at my Guesthouse and drove me to the food market near Ubud, before heading to a typical Balinese compound to learn, but especially to eat, the most delicious Balinese food I have ever tasted! I spent half of the day there with other travellers before heading to the luxury Puri Wulandari resort to enjoy my villa with its own private infinity pool facing the jungle. Then again to Ubud, ending my day with a dinner at Clear Cafe (my favourite restaurant in Bali).

DAY 3 – Scooter trip to the Elephant Cave, Tirta Empul, to the local wood-carver (IWayan Ritug – the sword master of Bali), to Tegalalang rice paddies, to the Pulina Coffee plantation and finally to an amazing  Balinese Painting School called Keliki Painting School.  Finally dinner in Ubud at Dewa Warung.

DAY 4 – Time to say goodbye (for now) to Ubud. After a yoga class and a walk around Ubud, we drove south to Uluwatu – Rock ‘n Reef.

DAY 5 – Massage time at Rock ‘n Reef before exploring the area of Uluwatu. Lunch at Hard Rock in Sulumban Beach, then I visited Uluwatu Temple at sunset time, followed by a fish dinner on the beach in Jimbaran (with fireworks!).

DAY 6 – Back to Ubud and the Yoga Barn. Lunch and dinner at KAFE.

DAY 7 – Boat trip from Padang Bai to the Island of Gili Trawangan. Relax at the beach, yoga class, foot massage and dinner at Blu D’Amare. Staying at Gili Hideaway.

DAY 8 – Cycled around the Island of Gili Trawangan in the morning, relax at the beach, amazing lunch at Scallywags and sunset (the most amazing one) at the Sunset Bar.

DAY 9 – Back to Ubud, inevitable lunch at Clear Cafe and late evening massage at Tamarind Spa at Murni’s house in a peaceful Balinese compound. That was definitely the best massage I had in Bali.

DAY 10Last day: Went back for a scooter ride in the rice paddies, spent a morning in a Balinese Elementary school, had lunch (again) at Clear Cafe before heading first north, to visit Ulun Danu Temple & the Jatiluwih rice terraces, then south to visit Tanah Lot Temple at sunset time. I decided to have my last dinner (again) on the beach in Jimbaran, enjoying the fireworks before heading back to Denpasar’s Airport to catch my late night flight.


Bali, see you soon! :)


If you are planning your destination wedding or elopment in Bali or your romantic honeymoon shoot, why don’t check out my portfolio or get in touch here! I’d love to capture your love in such a breathtaking country!!


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This was definitely an unforgettable trip, the best travel journey I took so far in my life. BALI is such an indescribable and magical country and I can’t wait to explore you again and again!


Have you been to Bali? Share your MUST experiences & places in the comments below. I would love to read them or send me an email here.



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  1. These are beautiful Roberta! The ones of the old ladies are my favourites, I love them in fact!

  2. Thank you so much David, it means a lot coming from you :)

  3. Lianne Dawes says:

    Beautiful Images Roberta, it makes me want to hop on a plane to Bali right now!

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